In dental clinic Guisasola de Valencia is an effective stop snoring solution.

Want to stop snoring?

If snoring is a problem of airway obstruction during sleep thereby

1. Your body does not rest

Two. Your mind does not rest

Three. Your partner does not rest.

Snoring is a very common symptom and that between 40 and 60 years snore significantly as 60% of men and 40% women.

In dental clinic Gran Vía is an effective solution to stop snoring: we have scientific knowledge and necessary to diagnose and treat mild respiratory sleep disorders such as snoring and mild apnea technology.

What is snoring?

Snoring is the noise produced in the throat by the vibration of the air passage through the pharynx which is narrowed when the tongue falls backwards at certain stages of sleep.

What is the apnea-hypopnea?

The sleep apnea hypopnea is almost always characterized by a strong and choppy snoring with pauses of silence leaving breathing, apnea, or breathing minimally, hypopneas, getting off the oxygen level in the blood, which stimulates the brain to produce arousals that force breathing, consequently altering the remedial effect of sleep.

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The usual treatment for sleep apnea is the use of a CPAP, but this often is not accepted or tolerated by the patient, so there are alternatives.

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How we can help you stop snoring in Clinical Gran Vía?

Placing a mandibular advancement device DAM: dental guard or splint placed between teeth to gently advances the jaw forward and also the base of the tongue, which is the cause of the narrowing of the pharynx that causes the air passing pressure, the tissues vibrate causing snoring or hypopnea.

What do we do in the office?

In the first consultation we conducted a complete medical history which also collect radiographic data, exploring the tongue and soft tissues of the mouth and neck. We perform the necessary steps to assess the degree of respiratory disturbance presenting evidence.

On the next visit we Mouth Records impressions of the jaws for making custom models on which to manufacture the device, also with a gauge determining the degree of mandibular advancement.

A few days will be placed on DAM device.

It is so comfortable continuity in treatment with a very high level of satisfaction with device adaptation and clinical outcomes are guaranteed.

The adjustment period is 3-4 days.

Did you know that patients with diabetes or hypertension and sleep-disordered breathing can improvetheir symptoms by DAM and may require dose reduction of the medication.


A week will be called and the month will be reviewed.

After controls at 3, 6 and 12 months were made.

Dental Clinic Gran Vía we can help prevent or significantly reduce snoring and / or hypopneas,contact us.

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