What is the system of brackets DAMON?

brackets_damonThe Damon System offers a generation brackets that hold the arch that crosses their slots through a gate valves ranging passive without touching the bow, this makes no sliding friction of the bow so that no resistance is achieved tooth movement, ie, the tooth moves faster, hence the brackets called “turbo” and suffers less than with bonds bearing brackets. So the Damon system achieves reshape the dental arches faster and respectful manner teeth.


The bows used in this system are “smart” arches copper-nickel-titanium to be changing every 10 weeks during alignment and leveling of the teeth. Once aligned teeth occlusion and dental arches gear with bows and titanium-molybdenum steel works at this stage visits are every 6 weeks. The average duration of treatment may range from 10 to 25 months depending on the case. It should be noted that once corrected the position of the teeth is placed on a removable denture appliance plastic or resin called “retainer” that must be at least 1 year to maintain what has been achieved since the tissues that hold the tooth need time to reorganize when appliances and a fixed retainer glued behind the front teeth are removed.


What are the advantages of the Damon System?

Some advantages of Damon system are:

– Get it spacious and beautiful smiles without expansion bolts or disjunction palate.

– Getting better middle third of the face, and lip profile.

– Apply more mild and tolerable forces to move teeth.

– Fewer visits and more spaced.


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