If you have an intense and constant tooth pain contact us and we will give you an urgent appointment to stop your pain as soon as possible.

What to do if you have dental pain and inflammation

If you feel an intense, constant pain, which can appear as a reaction to cold, hot or sweet stimuli, the cause is inside the tooth and must be treated, or the swelling will grow causing an infection, at first located inside the tooth but that, if not treated adequately, can extend to the surrounding tissues causing a dental abscess; the pain will then be intense and permanent and there will be swelling in the area.

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If you do not receive appropriate treatment, the infection can expand to the rest of your organism, even causing difficulties to open your mouth or breathe (because of large swelling), thus representing a more significant risk.

In such cases you must go to the dentist immediately to start the appropriate treatment. Until then, taking an analgesic or an anti-inflammatory tablet (which you are familiar with) can ease the pain.

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