Orthopantomography and Lateral skull Teleradiography are two very useful X-rays for a dentist. Offering this service in our practice helps us make a more precise diagnosis faster, as we do not have to transfer our patients to another surgery.



During the first visit, we do an Orthopantomography in order to carry out a complete and profound examination of the state of your mouth, as this is an X-ray of all teeth, jaw bones, sinuses and the temporomaxillary joint.

Also in cases where braces are needed, we have to carry out an Orthopantomography and a lateral skull teleradiography in order to measure the relation between the maxillary bones, the inclination of the teeth, etc.

Prior to placing implants, realising traction of impacted teeth with a brace or extraction of impacted wisdom teeth, we ask the patient to have adental scan (i-CAT) done as this will supply all the necessary information in 3D for the correct indication of the implants, as well as helping to avoidpossible complications in teeth or adjacent structures during the traction, extraction or implant process.

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