Guisasola Dental Practice wil attend your dental emergencies as fast as possible. If you are in pain, if you or your child have suffered a dental trauma, if you wear a brace and the wire hurts or a bracket has come off, do not hesitate to call us on 96 382 11 11 as soon as possible.


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If the archwire pokes:

If you chew more on one side than the other the archwire will move towards the opposite side. Try to push it with a cotton swab towards the other side to stop it from rubbing into you. If not, put wax over the end of the wire and go to the dental practice in order to have it adjusted.

Another cause can be the actual realignement of crowded teeth, which, as they become  correctly placed, makes the archwire protrude behind the last bracket, thus poking and causing discomfort. If that is the case, you have to go to the practice for the end of the wire to be cut off.

If a bracket becomes unstuck:

Call your orthodontist as soon as you can to have it stuck down again, as a tooth with no bracket will no longer be connected to the archwire, nor the rest of the teeth, and will thus get left behind in relation to the others. This means that on your next visit it will not be possible to change to a higher caliber wire because of that tooth which no longer has its bracket.

How to prevent this from happening? Don’t eat hard, crunchy, chewy or sticky food, such as nuts, chocolate bars, apples, chewing gum…

If a bracket pokes your cheek:

The soft tissues in the mouth such as lips, cheeks and tongue take a few days to adjust to braces. Put orthodontic wax on the brace andhyaluronic acid gel or aftagel in the irritated or ulcerated area until the pain lessens.

If a ligature hurts:

Try to bend the metalic end inwards with your nail. Don’t use any instrument that could hurt you. If you can’t manage, cover it with wax and go to your dental practice.

If you have food trapped between your teeth:

Use an interproximal brush as a toothpick, or dental floss with a rigid end (superfloss or farmafloss). You can also use a water irrigator likeWater Pik.

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