If you suffer a dental trauma you must stay calm. In Guisasola Dental Practice we will treat you urgently and professionally.
What to do if you bang your mouth and break a tooth
traumatismos dentales

Look for the broken pieces as it may be possible to use them.

You must go to the dentist immediately taking the piece of tooth with you in a glass of milk or saline. If not, you can place it inside your cheek, as it is important for it not to dehydrate.

What to do if you bang your mouth and a tooth is loose

Do not bite anything and keep the area inactive. Go to the dentist immediately to have an emergency check-up.

What to do if you bang your mouth and your teeth seem to be okay

You should get an appointment and have a check-up. There are often injuries which are not to be seen at first sight, or teeth can have hidden fractures that can only be diagnosed with an X-ray, and could need treatment.

What to do if a whole tooth falls out
  1. Look for the tooth and take it by the crown, avoid touching the root. The root is covered by cells which have to survive.
  2. Make sure the tooth is permanent, as baby teeth will not be reimplanted.
  3. If the tooth is very dirty, rinse it with saline without scratching it or rubbing it, holding it by the crown without touching the root.
  4. If possible, try to place the tooth in its hole.
  5. If you can’t place it in its hole, it is important to put the tooth somewhere humid, in milk or saline. If you haven’t got milk or saline, place it inside your cheek.
  6. Immediately go to your dentist for urgent dental treatment.


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