Certainly the importance of aesthetics is given in our society. A good image helps to find better with others and with ourselves. Thus Clinic Guisasola have the means to make it look nice and healthy smile on her face.

Today white teeth are fashionable How you can get? Making a tooth whitening or porcelain veneersgetting a:

SONRISA-MARIA-GARCIA-ESTRELLA1-300x225Today and aesthetically pleasing white teeth aresynonymous with health. To be able to performtooth whitening the patient should be reviewed by the dentist to make sure of no dental problems (caries, periodontitis …). Tooth whitening treatment carried out in consultation involves the application of a bleaching gel in teeth, activating it with light that accelerates the action of the product. The result is fully expressed week of treatment. This ProfessionalTeeth Whitening in-office be completed with home teeth whitening Outpatient. It consists of the application of the whitening product but at a lower concentration than in clinic. Apply on splints (buckets tailored teeth) that must be at least an hour a day.
Usually Tone whitening is usually the starting color although some severe stains such as those caused by some antibiotics are not amenable to this treatment, but in any case will always be the dentist to inform and advise the patient.


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